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Katherina, inspired by the mythological figure of Lilith - Adam's first woman in the Garden of Eden - which gives the album its name, immerses the listener in the feminine paradox. The chosen name speaks about the serpent archetype and its defiant side. Oppression, blaming, and gender persecution are concerns that have become a banner for the artist: liberating the feminine and everything that belongs to it. 

Katherina's intense Mezzo-Soprano voice is sensitive and strong at the same time, adorning her beautiful melodies and lyrics. And, as in your danced movies, they will bring much of the beauty already present in the artist's previous works (such as in the movie "Janaxpacha") which, with their five unpublished music videos, illustrate the history of the album. Like the song “Lilith” which would be a dialogue between Adam, Eve, and Lilith.


Follow the chronological trajectory of the purge of feelings of impotence in the face of structural patriarchy. Conceptually, it can be seen that this clip is in the chronological playlist organized by the artist of the purge of feelings of impotence in the face of the need for transmutation. I purge because in this trajectory she recognizes introjection - her own participation in the creation of her own reality - so we can observe her main mission: to free the feminine and everything that belongs to it.

LILITH PLAYLIST CHRONO begins with the video for Dói Demais, where the protagonist observes, with a dance in the dark, the pain of secretly loving the shadow.


In the music video, Lilith narrates in motion a young woman's quest to deepen her intimate dialogue with her intuition after receiving love letters. The character rescues a piece of her soul from the aridity of the desert through her intuition, which emerges through dreamlike images illustrating her love relationship. A response to Gregory Colbert's film poetry 'Ashes and Snow'

Then comes the Poison, with more expansive movements, which is where we see the assimilation of Katherina's lesson: unleash the creative power of healing.

Followed by Here I Come. When Lilith's potency comes out of the shadows and, as she gains autonomy, she plays with the discomfort that this generates around her: almost as if she had to warn "here I go with my place of speech that, - simply because it is feminine - breaks with the prevailing standards!".

And so, Rainbow proposes a ritual where she discovers, at the same time, autonomy and that she is not only in the feminine healing journey, represented by symbolic and colorful images full of movement.

Cumminanting in Being a Woman in a Man's World, which represents the ritualization of healing the feminine from the magical encounter between women, wherein an infinite circle of sisterhood, they dance to purge what oppresses.

Katherina Tsiraki transforms the house's garden into a jungle for a clip by Rainbow – Tribuna do Norte (column by Augusto Bezerrill)

Already known in the artistic short film and dance scene, Katherina Tsirakis has a very interesting artistic conception, her short films bring dance and theater as references. Now, Katherina releases her first digital album, “Lilith”, via Tupilands Records. – CBN Recife

The Greek-Brazilian filmmaker, dancer, psychologist and screenwriter KATHERINA released the video for the song “Rainbow”, which is part of her debut album Lilith. The video was directed by the artist herself, who recorded the scenes directly from the garden of her house, in São Paulo. – I have more records than friends

The Greek-Brazilian singer KATHERINA released on YouTube the clip for the track “Here I Come”,  which is part of the Lilith album. The clip was directed by the artist herself and has the musical production of Jorge Tupiniquin. – I have more records than friends

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