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Here I Come is the first video clip from the album Lilith by Katherina Tsirakis.
Here the presence of the shadow is total, the woman who announces her arrival, is it a game of hiding and seek? Harbinger of jouissance? Immersed in darkness, it's the manifestation of hiding and unveiling, revealing something. The singer plays with her clothes-skin in the garden of her house, with exposed soil, germinating power, proof of the connection with the depths of mother earth. The mother-earth who nourishes, the grandmother-moon reflects the light, revealing the relationship. The feminine elements once again merge, creating a bed for the woman who communicates “Here I Come”. Whether you like it or not, “here I come”, and I can no longer contain the water-like quality of the feminine that overflows.

The Greek-Brazilian singer KATHERINA released on YouTube the clip for the track “Here I Come”,  which is part of the Lilith album. The clip was directed by the artist herself and has the musical production of Jorge Tupiniquin. – I have more records than friends

Date: 2020

Direction: Katherina Tsirakis

Musical Production: Jorge Tupiniquin Mix: Dustan Gallas

Master: Filipe Tichauer Cinematography: Juliano Chiquetto Edition: Juliano Chiquetto

Katherina Tsirakis Production:

Daniela Santoros Stella Balboni

Post Production:


Color Grading:

Ely Silva, ABC Conforming: Gustavo Mendes Júlio César Viveiro Gonçalves

"Here I Come"  

Like a black bird into the sky 

flying high into the night

like a bad love 

bruise in the chest


like a fucking triangle where you just can't get rest



hear me

here i eat

eerie beery hear me cause here i eat

------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Composer: Katherina Tsirakis

Voice: Katherina Tsirakis

Piano, bass, synthesizer, electronic drums, melotron and vocals: Jorge Tupiniquin 

Guitar : Billy Commodore

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