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To The King of Wolves is a freely inspired love-film response to Gregory Colbert’s film “Ashes and Snow”; – where a lover writes after a whole year of silence to declare his feelings.

In “To The King of Wolves”, a short film directed by Katherina Tsirakis and Rosanna Bach, the love letter is responded to and we find out how Elisa received the silence as well as the letters. She travels to forget, but in this attempt, she remembers. Her solitude and uncertainty gave way to an encounter with her inner self. In this encounter, placed in the U.S.’s vast and open midwest, the experimental dance film journeys through Elisa’s mythical quest to find a more intimate dialogue with her intuition.

An exercise that dialogues between form, narrative, and motion in an attempt to communicate through symbols the human spiritual drama of a young female. 

Direction, Script and Interpreter, Editing, Production, Art Direction and Script: Katherina Tsirakis Interpreter: Elliot Ross Assistant Director, Photography Direction, Art Direction and Script: Rosanna Helena Bach

Photography Direction, Editing, Executive Production and Finishing Coordination: Juliano Chiquetto Camera Operator: Manoela Cardoso

Production Assistant : Daniela Santoro

Costume and Night Scene: Marina Vieira

Drone Operator: Maximilian Guen Image Composition: Marcelo Bastistella

Color Grading: Ely Silva (DOT Color Grading)

Sound Design: Diogo Poças

Master: Studio Plug-in

"To the King of Wolves" has received numerous awards and been selected for Festivals around the world:

1. Chilean International Festival of short film of Santiago - FESANCOR. Santiago, Chile. 2017. Best International Experimental Short Film.

2. Courant Festival 3D. Clermont-Ferrand, France. 2017. Best Film by the Jury Student

3. Vancouver Alternative Cinema Festival - VACIF. Vancouver, Canada. 2017. Best Experimental Movie. Best Cinematography.

4. South Film Festival And Arts Academy Festival - SFAAF. Rancagua, Chile. 2017 Best Experimental Movie. Honorable Mention of Art Direction in Short Footage Best Original Short Film Soundtrack. Best Effects Visuals in Short Film.


5. Global Motion Pictures Awards. 2018. Best Sound Design.


6. 36th Del Uruguay International Film Festival - Montevideo, Uruguay. 2018. [Selected]


7. Filmstrip International Film Festival. Iasi, Romania. 2017 [Selected]

8. Latin American Film Festival - Denton, USA. 2018 [Selected]


9. New York City Independent Film Festival - New York, USA. 2018. [Selected]


10. FILE - International Festival of Electronic Language. São Paulo Brazil. 2018. [Selected]

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