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SER MUNDANO Experimental work envisioned and starred by Katherina Tsirakis, exploring sense and movement through the physicality of our heroine, with a strong Greek soundtrack she shows through her own vulnerability, the visceral yearning women have to break free from tradition and build a new path.

The video was featured at the 29th São Paulo Biennial as part of a performance installation of Cia. Cavallaria.


Date: 2010

Function: Criation  and performer 

Partner: -

Contributors: Sofia Tsirakis, Alessandra Duarte, Rafael Martinelli, Kaue Zilli

Video Performance in 2010, with Katherina Tsirakis (Director and Performer) Sofia Tsirakis (Performer); Alessandra Duarte (Art Director); Rafael Martinelli (Photography) e Kaue Zilli (Photography 2nd).

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