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Rainbow Katherina poses rigid, cold, and alone while facing life’s challenges. As she slowly interacts with nature, discovering the elements: she comes across Water-woman, who makes way for the Golden-man, who brings forth Rainbow. She grows powerful as they bring together Light, Shadow, and endless colors in an apotheotic ending where the newly conquered calm is filled with meaning.

Personal testimonial


Making this clip was a challenge, we always think it will be quiet but the encounter between subjectivities added to the ecstasy of creation are always alchemy of a set to be handled with balance. This clip was filmed in the garden of my house, it had an elaborate art direction to make my garden a jungle, we got a lot of cut plants from the neighborhood gardening, my smokies always have this magic of chance. It was very magical to realize this power of plants to grow and fill powerful ones with their excess of abundance. I counted on the makeup and characterization of Alma Negrot, a renowned and powerful artist. We even had a documentary team recording our work for a creative documentary. As a team we received support from the wonderful network of artists that surrounds me and I was very happy when they applauded the result and called it “sensational”. I am very grateful to them for their collaboration, support, and feedback. Artistic accompaniment is everything in this life.


Where did the music come from?


I was in Bahia studying dance (dance of the orixás, dance of the wild technique). One day I fell out of bed at 5 am and felt that I needed to go to the balcony. That's when I saw one of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen - it was born and 'died' in seawater. In a next moment, when I sat down to compose, that rainbow 'voice' came to me, as if to say: "It is not easy, but whenever it is very difficult, remember me and all the times that I have graced you with my presence ".

RAINBOW is a cure for me. And you: who or what heals you when you are sad?

1. Chilean International Festival of short film of Santiago - FESANCOR. Santiago, Chile. 2017. Best International Experimental Short Film.

2. Courant Festival 3D. Clermont-Ferrand, France. 2017. Best Film by the Jury Student

3. Vancouver Alternative Cinema Festival - VACIF. Vancouver, Canada. 2017. Best Experimental Movie. Best Cinematography.

4. South Film Festival And Arts Academy Festival - SFAAF. Rancagua, Chile. 2017 Best Experimental Movie. Honorable Mention of Art Direction in Short Footage Best Original Short Film Soundtrack. Best Effects Visuals in Short Film.


5. Global Motion Pictures Awards. 2018. Best Sound Design.


6. 36th Del Uruguay International Film Festival - Montevideo, Uruguay. 2018. [Selected]


7. Filmstrip International Film Festival. Iasi, Romania. 2017 [Selected]

8. Latin American Film Festival - Denton, USA. 2018 [Selected]


9. New York City Independent Film Festival - New York, USA. 2018. [Selected]


10. FILE - International Festival of Electronic Language. São Paulo Brazil. 2018. [Selected]

Directing, production, script and movement: Katherina Tsirakis

Co direction:

Poline Lüders and

Francisca Thomé (Loup Filmes)

Music production: Jorge Tupiniquin Mixing:

Dustan Gallas

Mastered by:

Filipe Tichauer Cinematography:

Jorge Lepasteur Editing:

Juliano Chiquetto

Katherina Tsirakis


Sofia Tsirakis

Alexandre Paulain Martin Shankar Production:

Iolanda Sinatra Daniela Santoro Stella Balboni


Post Production



Color Grading: Ely Silva, ABC

Conforming: Gustavo Mendes Júlio César Viveiro Gonçalves

Black Lagoon Post / VFX - Mastering:

Juliano Chiquetto Raphael Borghi



I fly away from shadows

I run aways from madness

I pick my medicine from nature

And the question is who will heal me when I'm down

The question is who will heal me when I'm down

I will always spring you rainbows

And those rainbows will point to your cure and mine

Just take a moment to remember my rainbow

Take a moment and remember those rainbows

------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Composer : Katherina Tsirakis 

Voice and piano : Katherina Tsirakis

Bass and synthesizer : Jorge Tupiniquin 

Electronic drums : Pedro Serapicos 

Katherina Tsiraki transforms the house's garden into a jungle for a clip by Rainbow – Tribuna do Norte (column by Augusto Bezerrill)

The Greek-Brazilian filmmaker, dancer, psychologist and screenwriter KATHERINA released the video for the song “Rainbow”, which is part of her debut album Lilith. The video was directed by the artist herself, who recorded the scenes directly from the garden of her house, in São Paulo. – I have more records than friends

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