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PRAYER STREET After releasing her first album, “Lilith”, in April, singer, songwriter, and filmmaker Katherina releases the single “Prayer Street”.

“Composed and recorded in São Paulo during quarantine, this song helped me in this challenging moment. I hope it will also help other people to navigate towards the new conditions in safety”, she says.

With sounds of empty streets and submarines in search of lost land, just like in the Pandora myth, the song questions "After all the monsters leave, is there any hope out there?".

Who is willing to abandon old patterns of consumption, behavior, and thinking that no longer serve the flow necessary for the world's harmony?


Katherina Tsirakis: Music and the sky as refuges from the prison imposed by the coronavirus – Heloisa Tolipan

Singer, songwriter and filmmaker KATHERINA released the song “Prayer Street” on digital platforms. - I have more records than friends



Anybody out there? 


Is anybody out there? 


Is there any hope out there? 


In the skies I see light I see dark.


after all the monsters leave 



is there any hope out there?



Is there anybody willing to give up ?

is there anybody praying to let go? 

I can never get myself to leave 

You- u who

 you-u who


so in the empty streets I call your name 

you who 

make me one again 


in the empty streets I call your name 

You who 

make me whole again 

make it home 

Make hope again 


 for a brighter future there might be 

For a brighter future there shall be


No more fear and pain 

No more 


Make me whole again 

Make me feel again 

You who 

You who 


For as long as I am living 

I will try and be forgiving 

I will stand still and wait for you 



You who

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