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Lilith narrates through movement the protagonist's dreamlike messages. As suggested by C.G. Jung in his Red Book: the character rescues a piece of his soul in the arid desert through his intuition, which emerges in symbolic images that illustrate her romantic relationship. The protagonist listens to her intuition as she receives the love letters of the poetic film that inspired us: Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert.

Direction, Script and Interpreter, Editing, Production, Art Direction and Script: Katherina Tsirakis Interpreter: Elliot Ross Assistant Director, Photography Direction, Art Direction and Script: Rosanna Helena Bach

Photography Direction, Editing, Executive Production and Finishing Coordination: Juliano Chiquetto Camera Operator: Manoela Cardoso

Production Assistant : Daniela Santoro

Costume and Night Scene: Marina Vieira

Drone Operator: Maximilian Guen Image Composition: Marcelo Bastistella

Color Grading: Ely Silva (DOT Color Grading)

Sound Design: Diogo Poças

Master: Studio Plug-in




Who are you? 

In this place, I have water

In this space I heard The sound

and I just know my name.



In this place I have Adam

In this space I have warmth

and I just know my name.



It's a nice interpretation,


When I smell the moon, 

The sooner the place, the better

You have to fly at night, to be a starfish



As I close 

my eyes

and taste 

the stars


all alone 

until night, 

alone at fight.


from my darkest part,

I soak the skies,

through the space

the dance 

Of our bodies


Who are you?


And the rain 

falls down


my skin


and I feel 

your arms 


my yes  


open myself 

to the dance of our bodies

------------------------------------------------- -------------

Composers: Katherina Tsirakis and Jorge Tupiniquin

Voice: Katherina Tsirakis 

Bass, guitar, synthesizer, drum machine and vocals: Jorge Tupiniquin

Cello: Raphael Evangelista

Synthesizer: Pedro Serapicos

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