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Who are you? 

In this place, I have water

In this space I heard The sound

and I just know my name.



In this place I have Adam

In this space I have warmth

and I just know my name.



It's a nice interpretation,


When I smell the moon, 

The sooner the place, the better

You have to fly at night, to be a starfish



As I close 

my eyes

and taste 

the stars


all alone 

until night, 

alone at fight.


from my darkest part,

I soak the skies,

through the space

the dance 

Of our bodies


Who are you?


And the rain 

falls down


my skin


and I feel 

your arms 


my yes  


open myself 

to the dance of our bodies

------------------------------------------------- -------------

Composers: Katherina Tsirakis and Jorge Tupiniquin

Voice: Katherina Tsirakis 

Bass, guitar, synthesizer, drum machine and vocals: Jorge Tupiniquin

Cello: Raphael Evangelista

Synthesizer: Pedro Serapicos

"Believe Me" 


Until your heart becomes one, 

I couldn't dream of leaving


What has become of me?

A piece that you no longer wait for. 

Believe me.


You've gotten off so very far 

All alone I know it's hard

To forgive me

So Believe me. 


No matter the people say

Promess never go away 

Believe me 

Forgive me 


Believe in me so I can breath 

Believe in me and you will see

I love you so 

Don't let me go 


Compositora: Katherina Tsirakis 

Voz: Katherina Tsirakis 

Piano: Jorge Tupiniquin

"Here I Come"  


Like a black bird into the sky 

flying high into the night

like a bad love 

bruise in the chest


like a fucking triangle where you just can't get rest




hear me

here i eat


eerie beery hear me cause here i eat

------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Composer: Katherina Tsirakis

Voice: Katherina Tsirakis

Piano, bass, synthesizer, electronic drums, melotron and vocals: Jorge Tupiniquin 

Guitar : Billy Commodore

"Being a Woman in a Man's World"

Milk, nuts, coconuts, 

Ever since your left think of things that sweet, that sweet


I don’t know why I love you so

I just know I have to let you go


Cause it’s hard being a woman in a man’s world


Forgetting is hard letting go is easy


So milk nuts, coconuts,

Ever since you left think of things that sweet


Compositora: Katherina Tsirakis 

Voz: Katherina Tsirakis 

Piano, sintentizador, guitarra e baixo: Jorge Tupiniquin

Bateria: Pedro Serapicos

"Dói demais"



Se apaixonar

Se iludir 

E depois chorar 


Deus há de me dar



Pra não desabar


Eu te amei


Isso foi meu erro  


Dói demais 

Em segredo 


Compositora: Katherina Tsirakis

Voz: Katherina Tsirakis

Piano: Jorge Tupiniquin




I fly away from shadows

I run aways from madness

I pick my medicine from nature

And the question is who will heal me when I'm down

The question is who will heal me when I'm down

I will always spring you rainbows

And those rainbows will point to your cure and mine

Just take a moment to remember my rainbow

Take a moment and remember those rainbows

------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Composer : Katherina Tsirakis 

Voice and piano : Katherina Tsirakis

Bass and synthesizer : Jorge Tupiniquin 

Electronic drums : Pedro Serapicos 



I proved your poison and it made me cry

I proved your venom, almost lost my mind

Don't come and find me, to tell me I'm not the only one

Don't come and find me, to tell me I'm not your girl


Cause I proved your poison and it made me cry…

------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

Composer : Katherina Tsirakis 

Voice : Katherina Tsirakis 

Piano and guitar:  Jorge Tupiniquin

Bass : Dustan Gallas

I Wanna Dance With Your Soul 


While I search the universe 

to discovery other roads

oh, I can dance with my soul

but i wanna dance 

with your soul, 



while you were searching

 I found you

and though your search 

it may be blue

I can make a song for two


I know you can do it, 



lookin´ back, I loved you so

you're always young and beautiful

which makes it all more than true

how much I love,



Now my search is faraway

to discover other means

to express my light and dark 


you've taught me so much 

and I must show

there is something I’ve got to show,



Voz: Katherina Tsirakis e Jorge Tupiniquin

Violão: Jorge Tupiniquin

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